1 Year Engine and Gearbox (M/T, A/T)

Engine Parts Covered

Rocker Assembly
Exhaust Valves
Valve Guides
Valve Springs
Cylinder Head
Cylinder Head Gasket
Stretched Head Bolts
Push Rods
Camshaft Followers
Timing Gears
Timing Chains
Oil Pump

Engine Parts Covered

Drive Gears
Piston Rings
Cylinder Bores
Gudgeon Pins
Connecting Rods
Big End Bearings
Main Bearing
Ring Gear
Distributor Drive
Timing Belts (Subject To Correct Replacement Schedule Having Taken Place)
Engine Casings (If Damaged By An Internal Component)
Inlet & Exhaust Manifold

Manual GearBox

Synchromesh Hubs
Transfer Gears

Automatic GearBox

Brake/Clutch Bands
Oil Pump
Drive Plate
Transfer Gears
Transmission Gears

Additional Benefits

Roadside Service

24 Hrs. a Day 365 Days a Year (Same City)

Towing Service

Tow Truck Will be Dispatched to Your Location

Tire Service

Changing Flat or Damaged Tires

Lockout Service

Locksmith Will be Dispatched for Lost Keys or Keys Locked in Your Car

Battery Service

Battery Jump Starts at Your Location

Delivery Service

Covers The Cost of Delivering Fuel

Second Car Discount

Now get an exclusive discount when you take a W policy for you 2nd 3 rd or 4th car. You are eligible for the discount if you buy the policy within 6 month of purchase of first policy.*
If you buy policy within-

1 Month3 Months6 MonthsAfter 6 Month
2nd Car15 %10 %5 %0 %
3rd Car20 %15 %10 %0 %
4th Car25 %20 %15 %0 %

for any subsequent car the discount slab is same as for the 4th.


All our esteemed members are eligible for the referral discount. We would give you credit of upto 5% of the value of your policy , every time any of the friends/colleague referred by you buys any policy at Warranteed.in . That’s how we would like to say- Thank You!!
You can use this accumulated money at any of our ASCs against any payments towards general service or any out of coverage repair cost or even car accessories, if you so desire. The amount in your account will be communicated via sms/email upon every transaction.

Important: There is no limit upto which you can earn through you referrals. You may keep earning even after your policy value has been fully redeemed. This amount is transferable to any of the W policy holders in your circle of reference.

No claim bonus

In case any of our members doesn’t need to use their Policy during the validity period, we would offer a NO claim bonus of 15% in W-essential plan & 20% in all the W-premium plans (including W-club) when renewing for the subsequent year.

1 + 1 year Warrantee™


All the W-Plans are valid for min. 1year as a standard. We understand that the unexpected repair and Maintenance can arise at any time, the more the vehicle is used, more is the likelihood of costly repair. All the smart consumers want their Vehicles fully covered for the full period of the ownership of their vehicles.
That’s why we offer the option of 1+1 year warrantee for all the 4 different plans.
All our To be members can choose to opt for straight 1+1 year comprehensive warrantee and get a Discount of 25% on the second year W-plan with all the same benefits.