At we want to serve our members in the best way possible with best in class and practical services.  We want to go beyond the warranty protection and affordable service rates. We believe our customers should be able to have 360 degrees protection once they are warranteed order to ensure the same Every W plan for private cars comes  with 24hrs 365 days  Best road side assistance absolutely Free.


23Road side assistance is a very important service and every car owner should have one. India being a large country , we all travel extensively through roads and anything can go wrong with a machine like automobile. Though the cost of repair/replacements of waranteed parts can be borne by but in case of a breakdown the hassles faced by a person are too high. That’s why we offer a dedicated customer helpline service for all warranteed members and offer immediate car roadside assistance within the city limits as well as across the country in various plans.

Our RSA or road side assistance partners are the best in the industry and offer timely and cost efficient road side assistance at all times and days.