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Warranty on car registration plate keyringBike warranty & motorcycle warranty are very important especially for a country like india where we have the highest number of 2 wheelers sold per year even more than china. With the vast number of people using 2 wheelers and given the condition of Indian roads in villages as well as cities having an extended bike warranty or an extended 2 wheeler warranty is most useful.

Majority of India’spopulation moves on 2 wheelers and for us every penny saved is a penny earned. We indians are smart and cost conscious by nature. That’s why our bike warranty, scooter warranty & motorcycle warranty plans offer most comprehesnive part coverage starting at as low as Rs.1700+taxes.

Our plans are better than even manufacturer warranty that comes with the vehicle as we cover the cost of Labour for warranteed parts as well. Besides that warranteed plans offer the benefits of cheaper service rate through its network of Authorised /franchisedbike Service centers with best prodcuts sourced & supplied directly through the best brands like Valvoline, Mahindra 2 wheelers , Elofic , Groz etc.

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