auto_warranty_385x261Auto warranty sector in India is growing at a very fast pace as the people realise that the cost of maintaining their high end vehicles is very high. The solution is simple- Extended Auto warranty.

As our automobiles get more advanced and complicated , the cost of servicing and maintaining them has also increased manifolds. Due to the increased level of sophistication in the new age vehicles , it is neither advisable nor possible to get them serviced at unknown, small, ill equipped road sideĀ  service centers.

At the same time everyone wants to save the high cost of servicing and maintenance incurred at the OEM authorized service centers. provides the answer by having a chain of MultibrandĀ  Authorized service centers across the country in more than 216 cities. These Multibrand Authorized/Franchised service centers are well equipped , Big in size and well served with Best products and trained manpower.

People prefer these Authorized service centers as they offer the same level of service , better comfort at much lower prices from OEM Service centers. offers best auto warranty products that are served 100% cashless at these Service centres at the same time offering justified service rates and special discounts to warranteed customers.