No, you don’t have to buy a car new or used to get Extended Warranty. You can simply buy a warranty for your existing vehicle that saves you a lot of money on Repair & Maintenance Cost.

We all know INSURANCE. Insurance protects you in case of an accident or theft, but won’t pay for mechanical breakdowns, REPAIRS OR GENERAL FAULTS ETC.

Now, that’s exactly where Warranteed™ steps in. We know that we may or may not have to use our car insurance plan, but still we find it a must. Whereas , at the same time we know that we all would need to spend one or more time, during the year, on repair & maintenance of our Vehicle , especially if it has run for more than 30000kms or is more than 3 years old.

Till now we couldn’t do anything about it and simply had to pay whatever the service center would ask. How many times we have wished for something like a ‘Mediclaim’ for Cars, that would take care of all the cost of repair/maintenance every time our Car would fall ‘sick’.

Warranteed is the ANSWER.


What is it About?

Once you have simply bought a Warranteed™ protection Plan, you can forget about paying for your vehicle’s repair.

Through our PAN India network of more than 400 authorised service centers, we not only offer you standardized service but it is 100 % free for all your covered parts. Adding a Warranteed™ plan gives you protection against breakdowns and the cost, trouble & tensions  that comes with them.

It only takes one expensive system or component to fail in  your vehicle to make an extended warranty worth every penny.

No matter which one of our extended car warranty plans you choose, you automatically receive extensive nationwide coverage, exceptional service, and a number of complimentary features designed to add maximum value to your Warranty

  • We will always listen and act quickly to get you the solutions you need.
  • One Point of Contact: you’ll only deal with one company when it comes to your Warrantee plan – and that’s Warranteed™, so that you can deal with the same expert team every time.
  • Nationwide Coverage
  • The best part is that its 100% cashless & the Customer doesn’t even have to get the approval , instead the Warranteed™ authorised service center will get the approval for you from the company directly before commencing the work.
  • Once approved he will deliver the same at no extra cost  to the customer , except if any part not covered in the policy is concerned.
  • No limit to the number of repairs during the validity period.
  • All Makes and Models Included!!


Emergency Roadside Service: 24hrs a day 365 days a year.

Towing Service: Tow truck will be dispatched to your location

Emergency Tire Service: Changing flat or damaged tires.

Lockout Service: Locksmith will be dispatched for lost keys or keys locked in your car.

Battery Service: Battery jump starts at your location.

Delivery Service: Covers the cost of delivering fuel.

How Does It Work?

Buy Our Policy
Step 1
If your car develops a fault , call WeCare Helpline
Step 2
Car is diagnosed and fault determined
Step 3
ASC raises the request for protected parts & labour cost to company
Step 4
The company approves the bill immediately
Step 5
Fault is rectified
Step 6
100% cashless settlement
Step 7
Drive home with a smile 🙂
Step 8

Claims: Easy as 1, 2, 3

1. Call WeCare helpline number

2. Provide your Warranteed™ membership information

3. We’ll handle everything else


Who is Eligible: Anyone with a car under 1,00,000 kms and  less than 7 yrs old.

Warranteed offers low cost extended service agreements from the nation’s top service administrator. Our promoter companies are backed by Government owned insurance companies.

“100% Cashless Claim Settlement”

“Unlimited Number of Claims During Coverage”

“PAN India Validity with over 400 Service Centres”